AAA Entertainment is known for our genuine excitement for new and live music. We operate with a high level of passion and integrity and exclusively choose clients we believe in and we limit our roster to provide the highest level of personal service for those we represent.

As an Artist Management company, we've guided the careers of Short Stack, Young Lions, Forever Ends Here, Nine Sons of Dan, Scott Cain, Avalon Drive and Starting Sunday. We've worked with the likes of Sony Music and Universal Music.

We also specialise in marketing and publicity for growing and established artists in providing marketing and publicity support for album/single/EP releases and national tours or events. Some of our clients have included:

Short Stack | Kisschasy | Guy Sebastian | Kiss | The Beards | For Our Hero | Bayside
Being As An Ocean | The Wonder Years | The Ataris | The Angels | Screaming Jets | Icehouse
Diesel | Darkest Hour | Guns N Roses | Melinda Schneider | Choirboys | Ian Moss | Shannon Noll
Shannon Noll | James Reyne | Damien Leith | Dragon | Harrison Craig | The Australian Bee Gees Show

... to name a few!

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Our strategy is simple: whether it's a CD release, tour, local show, festival or other newsworthy event, we develop campaigns targeting our client's assets and provide numerous opportunities for impact. Possessing a strong list of national contacts built upon mutual respect, we specifically target media who cater to what we are sending, therefore encouraging coverage. We strive to provide the level of artist development that's necessary to succeed in the music industry today.

We tailor our campaigns for each artist and strive to bring our artists to as wide an audience as possible conducting a broad media campaign that encompasses national print media and online promotion.

Our campaign packages also include regular reporting updates which allows you to track the outlets we've pitched to and their responses, feedback and placements.

Here is some feedback from some of our clients:

"Thanks a million once again for doing such a thorough job of helping me market and promote my 'Melinda Does Doris' tour. I absolutely love working with you and you are so great at what you do. You're always positive, professional and a joy to deal with" - MELINDA SCHNEIDER

"Thanks again for your effort. It paid off. Both gigs looked pretty damn full and they were two great shows" - HERM (TED MULRY GANG/TMG)

Contact us today to find out more about our campaigns and what we can do for you.



RGNL (Regional) Services is a full service agency that facilitates the marketing and promotional strategy and activation on behalf of promoters who are touring concerts, events or hosting shows in any Australian rural or regional town. We can look after all your marketing plans, bookings, artwork and maximise and create publicity and promotional opportunities in each region. We uphold great relationships with many regional theatres and media in TV, radio, press and online in most markets across Australia.

Furthermore, we understand for a promoter that it is impossible to keep an eye on each venue in ensuring that they are displaying your posters, flyers, pull ups and other promotional material ... which is an integeral part of any marketing campaign that has potential to further expose your show to thousands of concert or theatre-goers.

Our promotional point of sale audits give you the confidence that venues have fulfilled their duties to promote your shows within their venues. We can send third party Agents to visit venues and find and capture photos of specific point of sale collateral within a venue.We can utilise our Agents to ensure your pull ups, posters, flyers or any other point of sale material are up and on display at venues and provide photos to verify information, capture in store experience and understand collateral usage. Our Agents can also report back to us with potential other marketing opportunities they see within venues to further promote your show that venues may neglect to tell you about. Our services allow venues to be more responsible for the success of your show and reduces the consumption of time it would take you away from other aspects of your business.

We've already been an integeral part in the success of regional tours via our regional publicity and marketing platforms, including:

Ian Moss | Melinda Does Doris Day | Harrison Craig (The Voice) | Echoes of Pink Floyd | Kisschasy | Marina Prior
Lennon: Through A Glass Onion (feat. John Waters & Stewart D'Arrietta) | Gold: The Ultimate ABBA Show
Melinda Schneider sings Great Women of Country
| Buddy The Concert | Johnny Cash The Concert
| The Adele & Amy Winehouse Songbook | The Australian Bee Gees Show (direct from Las Vegas)

... to name a few! Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you!


People have liked your Facebook page, and when you post a new update, less than 10 percent of your fans and followers ever see it. Does this sound familiar?

Social networks play a very important role in the development of an artists' fan base so it's extremely important that you understand how to use these sites
as a valuable marketing tool to further your audience reach and ensure you know who your audience is and how to properly engage with them.


• Identify what content is currently working for you and what isn’t;
• Identify what content is currently working for similar artists;
• Provide insights on how fans interact with the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;
• Offer a best practice guide for posting across all channels;
• Provide further ways of building and reaching your social networking fan base.


• Go ‘under the hood’ of your social networking sites and extrapolate data from your channels in order to generate an audit report;
• Compile a detailed audit report which will be sent to you;
• Initiate a one hour consultation call or skype conference to go through the audit in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

We can also help to provide content to your social media, and also assist with booking of advertising and boosting your posts to maximise reach.

Contact us today to find out more about our Social Network Audits and what we can do for you.


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